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TCR Joint Committee

Submitted on 26 February 2016 by Susan Allum

Dear resident

Why don't you shop in Uckfield today and at the weekend?

There is extra free parking Saturdays and Sundays at the train station which means you can park,

shop and enjoy a bite to eat without any charge to park your car! So have a great day and enjoy your time in the town.

There is also the shuttle-bus going to the north of roadworks on the High Street from the bus station

(please let us know if you would like a copy of the timetable and we will email one to you).

You can still drive down the High Street of course, one-way southbound and if you park in

Luxford Field car park and live to the north of the town you can still turn left as you leave the car park from the top entrance.

So the town is easily accessible both north and south and really easy to get into.

Kind regards


The TCR Joint Committee                                                    

26th February 2016