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Dog fouling

Whether you are a dog owner or not, we all know how unpleasant it can be to come across dog poo on the pavement or playing field and even worse if you step in it or go through it with your pushchair or wheelchair. Not only does it smell unpleasant but also it is unhygienic and spreads diseases - some of which can have a life-changing impact.

Please bag the poo - any bin will do

We know that most dog owners in the town are responsible and clear up after their pets. However, we will be running a communications campaign throughout 2018 to remind all dog owners about the importance of cleaning up the little 'messages' left by their dogs. As part of the communications campaign we will be putting up posters around our playing fields and residential areas to draw people's attention to the problem.

New bag dispensers 

We are also planning to introduce dog poo bag dispensers at various locations across the town. More information to follow on this.