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Data Transparency

Uckfield Town Council is committed to being open and transparent in the way it serves the public. This data is freely re-usable under the same terms as - Open Government Licence.

Freedom of Information Act

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 you have the right to access information held by the Town Council.
The Council must also advise and assist you in making your request.
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) was passed on 30th November 2000.  It gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities.  It sets out exemptions from that right and places a number of obligations on public authorities.
The Act came into force in January 2005 and anyone wishing to exercise the right has to make a written request to the Town Council.  If such a request is made the Council is under obligation to inform that person whether or not the requested information exists and to supply access to the information, unless it is subject to an exemption.

Making a request for information

If you would like to make a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or Environmental Informaton Requlations 2004, please:
• make your request in writing, this includes email;
• supply your name and address so that we can respond to that request;
• state clearly the information you require and the format you would like the information in, so that we can identify and locate it;
Where the request for information is subject to either of the above legislation it will be dealt with in the appropriate timescales.  Requests for information not subject to the Act will be handled in line with the Council’s complaints procedure.

Before you make a request, you may wish to check our Publication scheme, to check whether the information is already available. Please click here to find out more.

To make a request you need to write to the Town Clerk, either by post:
Uckfield Town Council, Civic Centre, Uckfield. East Sussex. TN22 1AE
or email the Town Clerk
The Town Council's 'Handling Access to Information Requests' Policy provides more information: WORD or PDF

Asset Management Register

 OS1  Land to the north of Hart Close
 OS2  Hempstead Fields
 OS3  Hempstead Lane Recreation Ground
 OS4  Boothland Wood
 OS5  Hughes Way Play Area
 OS6  Hunters Way
 OS7  Linnet Green
 OS8  Luxford Field 
 OS9  Land and Woods at Harlands Farm
 OS10  New Barn Farm
 OS11  Oaklea Way
 OS12  Oakwood Drive
 OS13  Ridgewood Allotments
 OS14  Ridgewood Recreation Ground
 OS15  Ridgewood Play Area
 OS16  Ridgewood Village Hall
 OS17  Rocks Park Play Area
 OS18  Rocks Park Bank
 OS19  Rocks Park Flats
 OS20  Hempstead Meadows Local Nature Reserve
 OS21  Land at Selby Road
 OS22  Shepherds Gate
 OS23  Swallow Court
 OS24  2A Vernon Road
 OS25  Victoria Pleasure Ground Tennis Courts
 OS26  Victoria Pleasure Ground
 OS27  West Park Allotments
 OS28  West Park Playing Fields
 OS29  West Park Local Nature Reserves
 OS30  Bell Lane Allotments
 OS31  Bellbrook Open Spaces
 OS32  Bird-in-Eye Allotments
 OS33  Browns Lane Rockery and Path
 OS34  Snatts Road Cemetery
 OS35  Snatts Road Cemetery and Chapel 
 OS36  Downland Copse
 OS37  Elizabeth Gardens
 OS38  Foresters Hall
 OS39  Framfield Road Allotments
 OS40  Framfield Road Allotments
 OS41  Nightingale Wood
 OS42  Harlands Farm Playing Fields
 OS43  Bridge Farm Road Woods
 OS44  Luxford Field Play Area
 OS45  Victoria Pavilion
 OS46  Hempstead Play Area
 OS47  Victoria Play Area
 OS48  Ridgewood Allotments
 OS49  West Park Pavilion
 OS50  The Hub
 OS51  Civic Centre
 OS52  Land and Woods at Harlands Farm
 OS53  Harlands Farm Pond
 OS54  Harlands Farm Woods
 OS55  Bridge Cottage
 OS55a  Bridge Cottage - Shop Adjacent
 OS56  Signal Box
 OS57   Osborn Hall
 OS58  Hempstead Meadows Local Nature Reserve extension
 OS59  Nightingale Wood (extension)
 OS60  Nightingale Wood (extension)
 OS61   Balancing Pond at Harlands
 OS62  Land on South side of 32 Keld Drive and North side of 33 Keld Drive
 OS63  Large Storage Unit - Victoria Pleasure Ground
 OS64  Double Garage Storage - Victoria Pleasure Ground



































Council Documents

Our Priorities
Our Strategic Plan 2018-23 - PDF

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Our maintenance programme - to provide internal and external repairs and decoration works to 7 no.buildings in Uckfield, East Sussex. Further information go to: Link

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Annual Budgets - 2017 - 2018 PDF
Annual Budgets - 2016 - 2017 - PDF
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Annual Return 2017 - 2018 - PDF
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