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Uckfield Town Council in association with Staverton Nursery



Allotment Competition 2018

Categories and Judging criteria

In July, two independent judges from Staverton Nursery will assess each of the allotments and allocate points in accordance with the criteria (see below) and the winners will be notified shortly afterwards. The winners will then be invited to receive their prizes at the Civic Centre.

The primary purpose of an allotment is to provide crops of vegetables, fruit, flowers and culinary herbs for household use and, the more completely a plot fulfils this objective, the greater should be the credit accorded to it in competition.

Allotments also allow enthusiasts for one particular plant, or group of plants, to indulge their passion and a plot given over to monoculture of, say, dahlias or carnations will be judged according to the standard and quality of cultivation.

The size of plot will not be a factor in the competition.

Best kept allotment

There will be a prize of £25 in garden vouchers for the best kept allotment on each of the five allotment sites in Uckfield as follows:

  • West Park
  • Bell Lane
  • Ridgewood
  • Framfield Road
  • Bird in Eye

This category will be judged against the following criteria:

Condition of the plot

Tidy, free of perennial and annual weeds but allowing for innovative growing techniques such as organic gardening, companion planting, no dig gardening etc.

60 points

Good workmanship

Evidence of good husbandry, propagation, growing techniques, composting

50 points

Quality of crops, flowers, fruit and vegetables and plants

Free from disease and pests

150 points

Water conservation

Evidence of water harvesting, water retention (mulching) and crops requiring less watering.

25 points

Encouragement of wildlife

Evidence of planting to encourage pollinators, areas left to encourage other wildlife such as hedgehogs, beetles etc.

25 points

Use of recycled materials

Evidence of re-using and recycling materials especially plastic pots. Innovative re-use of materials.

20 points

Condition of paths, garden buildings etc

Kept in a good state of repair, attractive and fit for purpose

20 points


350 points

Overall winner

There will be an overall winner chosen from the five best kept allotment winners whose name will be added to the plaque held at the Civic Centre.

The most creative allotment

This prize of £25 in garden vouchers will be judged on the imaginative and creative use of allotment space alongside the use of sustainable and innovative growing techniques.

The tallest sunflower

This category is open to children under 16 and also offers a prize of £25 in garden vouchers.


Uckfield Town Council would like to thank Staverton Nursery which is sponsoring this competition and providing all the prizes.